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Dear Balkan cavers!

We are happy to announce that the 11-th BALKAN CAVERS CAMP 2017 will take place in  Greece  from 28 August to 3 September  2017  and will be organized by the colleagues from Hellenic Speleological federation in Leonidio, Arkadhia , Peloponesus . 


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Balkan Photo Contest "We and Caves" edition 2015 - Winners

Results of  the 5thBalkanPhotoContest "WeAndCaves".


People Underground


1. Peter Gedei, The Caver and the Rock (JSR, Slovenia)


2. Sandro Sedran S-Team, Four tunnels


3. Andreea Cohn, Dark Side of the Moon, Cenote Taj Mahal, Mexico


4. Sławek Oboda, Cave Czarna pt.herkules


5. Pavol Kocis, Disclosure, Moldavska cave, Slovakia


6. Bagriy Kirill, Восхождение в грот Сюрприз, пещера Сарма, Абхазия


Beauty of Caves


1. Cosmin Berghean, Life in a waterdrop, Huda lui Papara Cave, Romania


2. Roberto Garcia, Cueva del Tesoro, Sorbas, Spain


3. Boris Krstinić, Bat flight, Veternica Cave, Zagreb, Croatia


4. Tomasz Pawłowski, 90m a waterfall, China


5. Cosmin Berghean, Cristal Pojarul Politei, Cave Romania


6. Roman Martin, Alien, Tounjčica in Croatia


Congratulations to the winners!


The prizes are:


 First place  - Cving  overall ;


Second place – Kit Bag 42 Ll


Third place – Kit Bag – 28 L


 Thanks to our sponsor  Lanjoff Ltd.

ейте, скъ



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8 Balkan Cavers Camp

Dear Balkan Caving Friends,
We are happy to announce that we have received from Serbia a proposal for the organisation of the Balkan Cavers' Camp in 2014 and the proposal was accepted by majority vote by the BSU Bureau.

Following the recent floods and other acts of God in Serbia, the Balkan Cavers Camp of 2014 was postponed. In accordance with the Bureau of BSU the hosts of the Camp together with the staff of  Federation of Speleological Organizations of Serbia (SSOS) decide to move the period of the camp from 24 to 28 September 2014

The new details are: 8th Balkan Cavers' Camp,  September 24 th to 28 th 2014 at the village of Mravinjci, Lelić karst area, south-west of the town of Valjevo in western Serbia (100 km from Belgrade).

The main part of the Camp will be held in the area of Lelić karst, south-west of the town ofValjevo in western Serbia. The participants will be in a position to visit caves in the area (up to 183 m deep): Dragov Ponor, Lenčina Pećina, Vrančev Ponor, Filipov Ponor, Orlovača, Ponara-Plandište, as well as the canyons of the rivers Tribuća and Trešnjica.
More information will be available in the web page of the event Balkan Speleo Camp 




Please mark the date in your calendars and inform the caving and canyoning communities of your countries.


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